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35th Reunion is in the Works

Summer of 2010

If you are interested please contact me at zemaitis@zemaitis.com 

And I can get you on the mailing list so you can be informed


Ok, the Reunion is over and we survived. Pictures will be posted soon, so if you have some you would like to share with the rest of us email them to me, and I will post what I can. A big hand to Harri (Field) Belluche and Tim Lum for taking the reins for Bob Harmon after he had to pull out. They basically pulled the whole reunion together. They went above and beyond.


There has been a discussion about having a picnic every year so we can all keep in touch. We have lost touch with a bunch of our classmates. We had around 150 postcards that we sent out for the reunion returned. Our class was a big one, around 1200, we only had 600 current names and address on our mailing list. So if you know anyone who we don't have current contact info for, please pass it on.


A few have asked for e-mail address of classmates, if you are interested in having your email address posted here, let me know and I'll start a section for that.


We have some leftover items from the reunion for sale, in limited numbers, so its first come, first served. Glass's, T-shirt's (Men's, women's and tank tops) Koozies.


Terrence Yano is trying to drum up a "We're turning 50" trip to Las Vegas the first week of October 2007, so keep that in the back of your mind... updates coming as plans are made.


Check back for updates.


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