Stolen Zemaitis Guitars


Unfortunately, the time has come to add this page. I have been asked to see if I could help track down guitars that have been stolen over the years. So if you know where any of these instruments are, please e-mail me, and I will pass the info on to the owners.


The bass belonged to John Waite when he was with an American band called the Babys.  It was shipped from Heysham, Lancs in 1990 - destination - Pound Ridge NY - it never arrived.  Either it was taken from the ship in the UK or stolen in NY.  It was brown wood with guild pickups and a long scale neck.  It had a toggle switch above the treble pickup and a slight mark on the back.  It was one of Tony's banjo headstocks, engraved with a large 'Z' and bore the name 'John Waite.  It was a single binding model.

Update: I got the opportunity to meet John on October 1, 2005, I introduced myself and told him about the bass being post on my website as was wondering if he had recovered his bass. You should have seen his eyes... there was the look of some one missing an old friend, he talked passionately about his bass, and how the one lead I had passed on to him, turned out to be some one trying to pull a fast one on him. SO !!.... come on, some one has to know what happened to, or where this instrument is. How would you feel if one of yours was missing ? So please, lets keep our eyes out for the bass, and reunite two old friends.