Kailua Alumni Reunion Band


K.A.R.B. is a band made up of alumni of Kailua High School graduates from the 60's to the 70's. The current version of the band came together to perform at the Kailua High Alumni Association's 50th Anniversary of Kailua High Sock Hop, held at the original site of Kailua High School that is now Kailua Intermediate School. The current band members include:



                Howard Wells, Class of 1969: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards.


                Kent Nakamura, Class of 1972: Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards.


                Bruce Bolos, Class of 1973: Bass, Vocals.


                    Rick Jones, Class of 1975: Guitar, Vocals.


                Sean Rowbottom, (Honorary Grad): Drums.




Other Honorary members have been:


                Gene Kois (Honorary Grad, he's played enough of these reunions) Drums.


                   Mihana Aluli Souza, Class of


                Brian Albus, Kailua High Teacher


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