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Last Update: 24 Dec 2011

I get a lot of traffic at this site so if you are interested in selling your Zemaitis Guitar, e-mail me with details, contact information, any photo's, and I will post it here.

This is a Free Service, but if you sell it, I do accept tips !!

Ok, I have decided, I have not Bonded with my 12 string Acoustic. 

So maybe it is time to let her go and get some stuff I would use.

1971 "Lotus" Sound Hole 12 String



More Pictures and info email me

She is on one of 3 that were done with this style of sound hole.

The other 2 went to Bob Dylan and Mary Hopkins (I will include a COPY of the letter from Tony Stating this)

Not in perfect condition, but for the age she is nice.

I would consider some trades:

A Komet Constellation Amp


1957 Refinished Les Paul Jr. and $10,000.00


1957 Refinished Stratocaster and $7,000.00

Items or Payment will be held in "Escrow" By a Local Music Store and verified before shipping of the "Z" 

(Just to make sure we all all HAPPY)

And that is Pretty Much It !!!